All cats love cardboard boxes…

Cats find a magical attraction for boxes, it’s a fact that all cat lovers will discover. They prefer a cardboard box to any valuable item imaginable.  It’s an adorable although peculiar trait that defines felines.

Would you like to give your cat the gift of this exclusive box?

We present Cat Hut, a box designed especially with cats in mind and which will brighten you home.



confort para tu gato


Cats love to feel comfortable in confined spaces. The Cat Hut will insure your cat warmth, happiness and relaxation. Cardboard is an insulating material and as such your cat will love to spend hours sleeping inside at an ideal temperature. But don't think the box will be used only when your cat is cold.  Your cat, like all cats, will feel an insaciable passion for boxes , and will always find an excuse to use it's Cat Hut
proteccion para tu gato


Cats always look for a good place to hide, camouflaged with a feeling of being protected and secure, especially in moments when they feel vulnerable.  A box is a perfect little nook where they can stay enjoying one of their favorite pastimes, sleeping.  Cat Hut is a welcoming place, comfortable, peaceful and where your cat can satisfy it's basic instincts.
curiosidad del gato


Cat are by nature extremely curious, a trait that they frequently lose.  They feel an incontrolable urge to inspect and investigate every new object that arrives in the house, and if this object is a Cat Hut the fun is guaranteed.  A box is a perfect distraction for your cat, it can play, jump inside and is ideal for another of it's favorite pastimes, stalking prey.
cajas reciclables


Cardboard is a recyclable material so Cat Hut is also environmentally friendly.
Choose the model that most appeals to you:

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A large following in Facebook is all enthusiastic about this exclusive box, and with hundreds of positive comments Cat Hut has an assured success.


As veterinarians immediately see the benefits of Cat hut, a cat will have a place to not only feel relaxed but at the same time relieve it’s stress, an additional benefit a 100% recommended.


All our customers who have bought Cat Hut are totally enamored with their purchase, including customers with more than one cat who have bought several Cat Huts.  A great product found in our catalogue.


A perfect present for you cat, not just another box, but a personalized box in the style that you like and is to your taste.  Your cat will be content in it’s new home.

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